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Jason Donnelly

- Writer & Creative Director -

Where: iHeartMedia

What: They needed a versatile writer that could jump from brand voice to personality voice to strategy in seconds. 

*Examples of all work available on request.

Where: iHeartMedia

What: They asked to build a simple platform for businesses to create their own audio ads. I was there from the beginning, including naming, branding, design, and building out the UX copy for the website.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.38.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.39.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.40.14 PM.png

Where: iHeartMedia

What: The team was looking for an internal marketing video to sell the platform to local businesses. Working with the video team, this is what we came up with. 

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